Corporate Responsibility

The Hospitality Group is committed to the community in which it conducts business. It the Group’s policy that while providing a superior standard of uniquely Australian service and business solutions, that there is also a focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – “The triple bottom line”.

That involves Integrating social, environmental, and financial performance through:

  • Unequivocal excellence in all aspects of our company
  • Innovation and Sustainability and in particular a transition to renewable energy and providing services to electric vehicle owners to encourage them to travel to regional WA for green self-drive holidays
  • Honesty and integrity

Producing a reasonable profit, – but profit from work that benefits all.

The Hospitality Group’s business practices are based on, “the laws of reciprocity,” when you help enough people reach their goals, they will help you reach yours.

Giving back to the community…

The Hospitality Group’s official charity is Variety WA.   Over many years our Chair Chris Pye was also a Director of VarietyWA and spent about 4 years as its Chair (“Chief Barker”) and the Hospitality Group is very proud of the contribution it has made and continues to make to Variety WA and its projects. Variety WA helps sick, disadvantaged, and special needs kids in Western Australia.

To see how you can help Variety WA, wherever you live – please visit