Hospitality’s Vision and Mission Statements

Vision Statement:
Hospitality’s corporate vision is to be the Western Australian leader in the management and operation of quality hospitality businesses and tourism brands and to achieve growth and profitability by creating pleasurable leisure and corporate hospitality experiences for an ever increasing portfolio of satisfied clients whilst maintaining an environmentally sensitive and sustainable tourism operations which add to the wellbeing of our Western Australian community and  to train and nurture our employees so that we may be confident that our businesses and our people are well respected throughout our community.

Mission Statement:
Hospitality’s mission is to invest in and develop hospitality operations and tourism brands that encourage visitation to Western Australia and to invest in our people so that we may be the best.

Employee Mission Statement:
Hospitality Pty Ltd recognises that its employees are an important asset and so we have adopted a mission statement specifically for our employees as follows:

Hospitality’s mission for its employees is to create a work atmosphere that promotes enthusiasm for one’s work, mutual respect, and is sensitive to and supportive of individual needs and to provide the opportunities and resources that our employees need to allow them to excel in the present and to train  for the future.